Men's Recovery Program alabamaRecovery from substance use disorders looks different for every individual. That’s why we customize plans for every guest in our Alabama recovery center. Each guest at Sereno Ridge Recovery has gone through unique experiences with substance abuse and requires an approach to healing that suits their needs and helps them reach their goals. One way we customize our offerings is by offering both women’s and men’s recovery programs. Gender-specific group recovery meetings can be more effective because they allow men and women to open up more freely about their experiences with substance abuse. Peer support is crucial in overcoming addiction. While society might teach men that they should hide their emotions, we believe that by sharing their experiences, they can begin to heal from the effects of addiction. In a men’s only group, guests feel more comfortable discussing their struggles with substance abuse.

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Is a Men’s Recovery Program Right for You?

Men and women face different struggles with substance abuse. For example, while men and women are equally likely to develop substance use disorders, men are more likely to use illegal drugs such as heroin. Men and women also have different needs in recovery. The most effective programs take these needs into account. Men can face challenges in their recovery due to the way that society views them. They might try to avoid seeming weak or needy, which can lead to delays in getting help for addiction issues. However, our men’s recovery program takes these issues into consideration. Additionally, in gender-specific recovery meetings, men might find that it is easier to open up about their experiences.

While Sereno Ridge Recovery is a co-ed campus, our non-clinical men’s recovery program was designed to address these specific needs. If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, contact us today. Admitting that you need help is not a weakness; instead, it could be the most courageous step you ever take. Addiction can cause lasting damage to your finances, relationships, and physical health. Take back your life with the help of our team of peer support specialists.

What to Expect in Our Men’s Recovery Program

In our Alabama men’s recovery program, every individual receives a customized plan upon arrival. These plans take into account the duration and severity of your struggles with addiction as well as your goals for recovery. While in our recovery center, guests participate in group meetings and also work through the 12 steps individually. These meetings help guests work through their experiences with addiction and plan for the future. We also offer a wide range of amenities in our recovery program, such as a heated indoor pool and fitness center, where guests can become the healthiest versions of themselves. Some of the benefits of our abstinence-based men’s recovery program include:

  • Distraction-free environment – Our expansive alpine lodge is the perfect place to retreat from stress and other triggers
  • Single-gender group meetings – Find support and encouragement from other recovery-focused men
  • Help from others in recovery – Our peer support specialists have firsthand experience in recovery
  • Small group sizes – Receive the individualized support you need to heal

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction issues, reach out to Sereno Ridge Recovery at 833.300.0101 to learn more about our men’s recovery program.

Reach Out to Sereno Ridge Today

The goal of all of our recovery programs is to help adults who are struggling with addiction develop the tools they need to achieve and maintain sobriety. Our resort-style center provides a peaceful, secluded environment where you can work through the underlying causes of addiction and discover how to live without drugs and alcohol. If addiction has kept you from living the life of your dreams, contact Sereno Ridge Recovery.

Through our recovery program, you can overcome addiction and rebuild your life. Give us a call at 833.300.0101 or contact us online to learn more.